Module 5 : Nearing the end…

A couple of lessons today from the CodeWithChris iOS Foundations course.

Lesson 12, with help from Lesson 16

Lesson 12 sees us handle the quiz/test results, but it also requries a side-trip to lesson 16 in order to handle the Xcode 12.5+ “bug” that causes the last quiz question to loop back to the first question instead of displaying the quiz results.

This includes the “fix” that prevents .onAppear from triggering if nothing is displayed to trigger the .onAppear, which is fixed by appending this to if ... else :

else {

We’ve also added a showResults flag for the if ... else statement that determines if the app should display the next question or the results.

Lesson 13 : Hosting with GitHub

Lesson 13 shows us how to use GitHub to host our JSON file (you can use your own hosting).

This is something that really interests me, because I’ve done a lot of work in the past using PHP & MariaDB so I can certainly see how having a website create a JSON that can then be used to update the data in an app would be extremely useful.

The next lesson should take us into iOS Networking, and that should be very informative.

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