CWC+ Database Course

After completing the CWC+ Design course, I moved onto the Database Course. Over the 22 days of learning, I posted my thoughts after each lesson as I had done before.

Here, presented as I wrote them, are my thoughts and comments on each of the modules:

We’ve covered a lot of ground and much of it still seems confusing. I get the concepts, but the problems come from how SwiftUI implements those concepts. Apple has a reputation for a user experience that “just works” but, when it comes to Swift UI that policy doesn’t seem to apply. The policy often feels like “why make it simple, we when can confuse the h*ll out of the coder”.

On the principle that, with practice comes understanding, I intend to use what (I hope) I’ve learned and start to create something practical. I expect to run into errors and hair-pulling a’plenty but, with luck, facing those problems will lead to enlightenment …

… or a bald head.

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